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September 13th, 2010

Turkewitz in the News…

OK, this has nothing at all to do with personal injury law. It has to do with running. (But if you look, you can find a social media tie-in at the end.)

For those that don’t know, I’m the founder and race director for a 1/2 marathon trail race in Westchester County. I wrote about this two years ago as we prepared for the inaugural event.

And yesterday The Journal News did a feature story about our 3rd edition of the race (Paine to Pain half-marathon a local gem).

This was the lede:

Trail runners are by nature a different breed. They’re not your ordinary marathon runners.

“There’s a difference between being a runner and trail runner,” Mamaroneck resident Nina Steinberg said. “Trail running is a lot of ups and downs. We’re proud of coming home splashed with mud and dirt. We’re a funny group. We wear our dirt as a badge.”

I’m quoted extensively regarding the work done to create the event, starting in 2002.

So in putting on this race, I’ve met a lot of people. Not the meet as in I’m-following-you-on-Twitter meet, but as in hundreds of  real people in my own community knowing me as a person.  I didn’t create the race as a form of networking, of course, but when people get involved in community events it is a natural by-product.

And that may be some food for thought as people go gaga over all those new “followers” they have on Twitter.

UPDATE: Some reviews of the race are at the Paine To Pain blog.