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June 7th, 2010

Scott Greenfield, Super Lawyer, Super Blogger (A Review)

Scott Greenfield, circa 1992

New York criminal defense lawyer Scott Greenfield is one of the nations leading law bloggers.  But I don’t write that because he’s a friend of mine or that he’s handsome enough for the silver screen. (I only use the pics he likes.)

As one can see from this little listing of top legal blogs at Avvo, his Simple Justice blog is currently the sixth most popular law blog in the nation. And four of the five ahead of him are group blogs. It’s tough to argue with the metrics.

And he does it by being a practicing attorney — only Ann Althouse has a more popular solo blog, and she’s a professor who often uses short posts to dwell in the popular culture arena that exists outside the law —  thereby making Greenfield’s blog the leading practitioner’s law blog in the nation. Or is it the world?

How does he do it? It isn’t merely by being a prolific writer, because prolific simply indicates quantity without regard to quality. He currently creates 2-3 per day, but back in 2008 he often exceeded 100 per month.

His stuff also happens to be good. Exceptionally good. He’s blunt, and doesn’t mind mixing it up a bit with those that come to confront him. He doesn’t suffer the fools, charlatans and hustlers that permeate the web. There is downside to that, of course, and that is that the creeps and psychos come out of the woodwork as he describes in one of his very few looks at himself: Simple Justice: Through the Eyes of Scott Greenfield.

A human can only pump out consistently high quality posts — his take as little as 10 minutes — by being able to:

  1. Think imaginatively about issues;
  2. Organize those thoughts in the head;
  3. Write creatively;
  4. Type fast as hell.

Greenfield has that rare combination of qualities, making him a virtual one-stop shop for legal issues that confront us in New York or around the nation. If he isn’t in your RSS feed, you’re missing a continuing treat. If I were forced at gunpoint to pick just one blog to read from the hundreds in my RSS feed, his would be it.

And I’m not the only one saying these things, either. Since I’ve known him since well before we started our respective blogs, I’m biased. So here’s what a few others have written:

7 thoughts on “Scott Greenfield, Super Lawyer, Super Blogger (A Review)

  1. Generally speaking, I’m sure these rankings pull out the best blogs and Scott’s is certain one of them. My feelings were hurt beyond recognition when I saw I was not even in the top million on the Maryland Injury Lawyer Blog. But then I checked Alexa, and sure enough, I should have been in the top 100. Sadly I suspect that if all of the others that should have been included were included, I’d be booted out of the top 100.

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