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August 28th, 2009

Linkworthy (Can you sue for a stolen joke?)

Comedian turned law student Jeremy Schacter (Cardozo, 2L) has been robbed. He thinks Mars candy stole one of his best jokes for a Twix commercial, and now he’s thinking of suing;

Even Lamborghinis, at $240,000 a pop, can be lemons;

Ron Miller has thoughts on the different reasons that lawyers blog; and Beck/Herrmann discuss the life expectancy of many of them;

Mark Bennett has been writing tips on jury selection. His fifth one is called MacCarthy’s Bar Rule, which is different than The Turkewitz Beer Test;

Ted Kennedy was the first US Senator to have a web site, you can see a screen shot here, and read four other non-mainstream tidbits here;

What killed Michael Jackson? Kevin M.D. wonders, was it really Conrad Murray?

Blawg Review #226 comes from overseas at Pink Tape;

TortsProf has this week’s personal injury law round-up; and

And how long does it take you to walk 20 feet? Why so fast? Via Minor Wisdom, a video essay on how you learn a lot, just by watching:

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