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June 5th, 2009

Linkworthy (Jamie Spotzz, Old Jews Telling Jokes, and more)

White Coat Rants, posting about his experience as a medical malpractice defendant, puts up his 2nd post on the subject, this one dealing with the retention of experts. A snippet to get you interested:

[My defense lawyer’s] firm and the insurance company contacted me with the name of an expert that they had chosen to review the case. Everyone seemed impressed with his credentials. He was from a teaching program and his curriculum vitae was reportedly quite large. Hey, great, so if his testimony isn’t that good he can roll up his “CV” and smack the plaintiff’s expert around with it. Or we can use the CV for a doorstop during trial. Go for it.

Scott Greenfield suggests, strongly, that the generation of lawyers now appearing have some unreasonable expectations, and urges them to step away from the duckie. And don’t miss the all-star video that goes with the post.

Cracked has The Six Most Terrifyiing Malpractice Cases Ever (h/t Ed.)

A Staten Island ferry crash victim gets an $18.3M award after his lawyer, Evan Torgan, turns down $10M. Then judge Jack Weinstein hacks the 33.3% legal fee down to 20%. Now the full fee is back, and even the plaintiff is happy about it.

A sinful Blawg Review #214 is up at Charon QC;

The Personal Injury Law Round-Up is up at TortsProf;

What do baseball players do when they retire with decades of work life ahead of them? Did you guess “Become a spammer for yet another search engine optimizing company?” Ken @ Popehat has the details in Search Engine Optimizers: One Step Up From the c1@li$ marketers. But don’t miss the comments where former ballplayer Jamie Spotzz –unless it is an imposter — ups the ante with a legal threat.

I learned of from Orin Kerr at Volokh, and immediately found the story of the chicken dispute. How does the dispute get resolved? Ar their lawyers involved? Yeah, well, you gotta watch…

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