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August 8th, 2008


Sometimes the comments can be great. If only you find them. So here you go….After I posted about my tort “reform” op-ed in a local paper serving the million or so people in the commuter counties north of NYC, Ted Frank came in with a minor correction at Overlawyered. Then deep into the comments, a long discussion/debate on medical malpractice and academic studies broke out between Frank and Professor Richard Wright. So check out the terrific discussion starting at comment 16.

Blawg Review #171 is like a virgin. Why? If I told you, you wouldn’t go to the link.

TortsProf Sheila Scheuerman takes her first swing at the Personal Injury Law Round-Up, and knocks the ball out of the park with a broad array of links.

Max Kennerly takes on an anti-class action piece in the WSJ regarding the constitutionality of cy pres distributions by George Krueger and Judd Serotta, picking apart some bad legal arguments that he sees.

And a giant table computer from Microsoft that has nothing whatsoever to do with personal injury law. But the commercial is funny as hell.

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