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August 17th, 2008


The Personal Injury Law Round-Up is up at TortsProf, this week by Christopher Robinette. So folks like me that have been out of the loop for a week now have an easy way to play catch up;

FindLaw gets busted trying to game the Google rankings by selling links for $12,000 per year. They had a Pagerank of 7. Now they have a 5. Will they be sued if they don’t refund the money? (Kevin O’Keefe @ Real Lawyers Have Blogs and Oilman);

And whether one agrees with Justice Scalia’s politics or not, there is one thing almost every agrees on: That guy can write. Lisa Solomon attended a talk of his on the subject, Scalia’s Remarks About Legal Writing. Solomon also has a picture of herself with the Justice at her site.

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