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August 23rd, 2008

I Shoulda Had A Political Blog

With Senator Joe Biden being picked today by Barack Obama, I am three for three in the presidential sweepstakes for the major parties.

My call before the Iowa caucuses, with Guiliani and Clinton riding high:

Reps: McCain/Romney
Dems: Obama/Biden
Indep: Bloomberg/ Gary Hart (who correctly predicted an attack like September 11 and tried to warn)

As much as this New Yorker would like to see Clinton v. Giuliani v. Bloomberg, neither Hillary nor Rudy will get their party nominations.

But no, I went with a little, niche personal injury blog. I coulda had my name in bright, twinkly lights at places like Instapundit, Daily Kos, Andrew Sullivan, Talk Left and other nifty places. I coulda been a star. I coulda been somebody…

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