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August 22nd, 2008


Justinian Lane at TortDeform has has been doing Inter Alia, a round-up of tort “reform” stories on the web. Certainly a valuable resource. (And he links this week to, inter alia, a tort “reforming” Chamber of Commerce that has brought it’s own lawsuit;

Walter Olson provides the flip side of Lane with his round-up from the conservative side, focusing on toxic cases at Point of Law;

Bill Childs has put this week’s Personal Injury Law Round-Up up at TortsProf with a link to, inter alia, the Big Foot hoax and subsequent lawsuit;

An Olympian Blawg Review is up at Chicago IP Litigation Blog;

And those four links provide a little round up of round-ups, and enough reading material for a week.

P.S. I usually stay out of presidential politics — because once you get started you can’t stop — but before the primaries I made these predictions: McCain/Romney and Obama/Biden: Presidential Politics and the Iowa Caucus

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