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July 24th, 2007

NYC Woman Sues Con Edison Over Steam Pipe Explosion

The first of what will surely be many lawsuits over the steam pipe explosion last week in mid-town Manhattan has been filed against the utility company, Con Edison. The plaintiff, whose sister was killed at the World Trade Center in the September 11th attack, suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder.

The explosion — just one block north and one block east of my office — certainly rattled more than a few as they fled the scene. In my own office suite, those still in the office heard the eruption and felt the building shake, as the alarms went off and evacuations took place down the stairwells. Out on the streets police were yelling at people to run away from the area, with more than a few pair of women’s shoes left by the wayside as folks sought refuge.

In addition to a number of personal injury suits I expect to be filed against Con Ed, there will no doubt be many commercial suits. The site of the explosion, which I walked past just an hour ago as I went for lunch, is still sealed off, and with it access to many businesses.

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