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February 16th, 2016

A SCOTUS Question – For presidential debates

SCOTUSDear presidential debate moderators:

I offer up this question for our future presidential debates:

Over the last several decades, each time a Supreme Court judge needed to be replaced it became a matter of extreme partisan confrontation.  We see this again today with the death of Justice Scalia.

People now live longer and presidents seek to fill the seats with ever-younger individuals, thereby making each seat more contentious.

How do you feel about term limits for Supreme Court judges (for example, 14 years) with the judges thereafter being returned to courts of appeals or district courts, at their discretion?

Wouldn’t the higher turnover for the seats make the issue less contentious, as well as open the seats up to more experienced people in their 50s and 60s?

One thought on “A SCOTUS Question – For presidential debates

  1. The cardiovascular functioning of a 79-year-old just threw one branch of the federal government into upheaval, set the other two branches into fierce opposition, and altered the dynamics of a Presidential election. This really has to stop.

    I’d do 18 year terms, though. One is up every two years, preferably the first and third years of the Presidential term.