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March 15th, 2012

Rakofsky Motion #12 – Allbritton and move to dismiss

There is now another motion to dismiss in the Joseph Rakofsky defamation lawsuit. This one was filed Tuesday by defendants Allbritton and Allbritton owns seven broadcast television stations as well as TBD aggregates news stories. This was the post they were sued on, which linked to the original Washington Post article on the subject.

Defense counsel is Jake Goldstein from Levine Sullivan Koch & Schulz.

The motion does not address the content of the material posted, but simply attacks the failure to properly serve the papers properly, that is not an entity that can be sued, and the fact that Allbritton is not subject to jurisdiction in New York. (The company is based in Arlington, VA.) While the company owns broadcast television stations, none of them are in New York.

If you want to read their papers, this is the relevant document:Memo in Support of Motion to Dismiss

Update 6/25/12: Reply Memo of Law: Reply Memo

6 thoughts on “Rakofsky Motion #12 – Allbritton and move to dismiss

  1. Has a schedule been set for briefing and argument of the motions?
    I can’t wait to read Rakofsky’s whining responses.

  2. There is a conference coming up this week. With so many lawyers involved and so many motions I won’t predict what will happen.

    And if I could predict, I wouldn’t do it publicly anyway.

  3. Eric, thanks for keeping these updates going. I’m one of the named defendants (yay me!) but since I was never properly served and NY can’t obtain jurisdiction over me anyway, I haven’t bothered to respond in the least. But I’m glad to be able to keep up on the case as it heads to the inevitable dismissal.