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December 18th, 2011

‘Tis the Season…for Christmas Chanukah Candles?

Seen at the local CVS: Christmas Chanukah candles. Apparently, the deluxe kind.

What next, a nice Chanukah ham? Oh. I see.

You gotta love corporate America. It’s amazing, sometimes, that this whole capitalism thing works.

But maybe I’m missing something. Maybe this is really part of something much bigger, like the War on Chanukah. Or, the War on Hanukah, depending on your transliteration style. This assault is not something new, of course, as it goes back at least to the culture war days of George W. Bush and his Chanukah party card that included a Christmas tree. So yeah, I blame George Bush for the assault on our nation that I saw in CVS this weekend. You didn’t really think Bill O’Reilly invented the war against holidays, did you?

C’mon, that was worth blogging, wasn’t it? Maybe there’s some legal warranty kinda issue hiding in this story someplace to justify its existence on my blog…

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