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December 15th, 2011

Rakofsky Motion #11: Our motion to dismiss (Updated x3)

This motion is on behalf of the 35 defendants (me included) that Marc Randazza and I represent.

I won’t bother re-hashing the Rakfosky history, you can Google it if you want.

Selected Documents:

Memo of Law

DeVoy Affidavit

Turkewitz Affidavit

Wells Affidavit

Exh G – Financial Crime

Exh H WhiteCollarCT

Exh I – Yellow Bot

Exh J – Lawyer search

Update 3/9/12: Our motion to dismiss was served December 15th, but the court clerk declined to take it at the time because the date of service was so far in front of the motion’s return date in March. While we waited, a stay in the case was reinstated. It expired today, March 9th. So the motion was re-filed today.

Update 5/21/12 Rakofsky has served the following documents in opposition to our motion to dismiss:

Affidavit of Forensic Expert

Goldsmith Affirmation

Rakofsky Affidavit

Memo of Law

Update 6/8/12 – Our Reply papers:

My Reply Affidavit: ET-ReplyAffid-Final

Our Memo of Law: RakofskyReplyMemo FINAL

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