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April 15th, 2011


My RSS feed has almost 7,000 posts sitting in it. That’s what happens when you try to follow a lot of blogs and you also have work to do for actual clients.

But if I had more time, these are some of the things I would like to write about:

“Tort Reform” Exposed for What It Is – Immunity (The Pop Tort)

…Take what’s happening in North Carolina, which is now considering atrocious legislation that would provide immunity not only to negligent emergency room personnel, but to the entire pharmaceutical industry.  Forget that more preventable errors occur in an ER than in any other place in a hospital, or that in states like Texas where a similar immunity law was passed, ER’s have now become even more dangerous.  Meanwhile, no patient has any recourse if they or their child is permanently disabled, disfigured, brain-damaged or killed.  This bill would essentially make “negligence in the ER legal” in North Carolina, too…

Bill Precluding Punitives for Undocumented Immigrants (TortsProf): That’s right, in AZ there seems to be no difference between acting negligently and deliberately hurting someone, so long as the person you pick on doesn’t have the right papers. Hey, why not just put “kick me” on their shirts?

The HuffingtonPost Bloggers Class Action Lawsuit Won’t Go Anywhere (Litigation and Trial):

…But nobody hated the Huffington Post as much as its own bloggers, the folks who generated a ton of its content without compensation in a spirit of, I suppose, political activism, just to watch it be sold off to AOL for $315 million….

And Max Kennerly agrees with me on the all-important subject of what to wear to court:

…I wear what I wear because I do not want what I wear to get in the way of what I am saying…

The NYS Commission on Public Integrity tries to muzzle blogging lawyer Andrew Barovick.

Veteran NYPIRG lobbyist Blair Horner, one of New York’s most well-known good government advocates, has taken a position with the American Cancer Society of NY & NJ as vice president for advocacy

personal injury law round-up at Torts Prof.

And I barely made a dent in my RSS feed….I need more hours in the day….

4 thoughts on “Linkworthy

  1. “Kick Me” on shirts of illegal aliens? No. But “Kick Me Out” ? Yes.

    Would it be ok with you if I broke into your house and started living there because I “want a better life”?

  2. Eric you can’t undo the distant past, nor can we give England back to the Picts and Celts.

    Today’s situation is not analogous to the situation with the Indians, Picts, Celts , etc in that the world was a relatively unpopulated place at the time.

    Nowadays all areas of the earth are populated and staked out. People have a right to preserve what is theirs.

    By the way, you don’t enhance your credibility by citing articles from Pop Torts – a thinly disguised anti-business front, if ever there was one

    I am okay with legal immigration,which I think should be restricted to those possessing talents in short supply here, but those here illegally should be deported forthwith

    • By the way, you don’t enhance your credibility by citing articles from Pop Torts – a thinly disguised anti-business front, if ever there was one

      I do my best to look at the message, and not the messenger. If the US Chamber of Commerce wanted, for instance, to publish materials about how destructive it is to grant immunity to wrongdoers, I would be happy to cite them on the subject.