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November 19th, 2010

Linkworthy (Themeless Edition)

Things I’d write about if I just had more time:

This really deserves it’s own post: Hospital errors play role in 15,000 deaths a month, study finds

Why write a law blog? (Blawgletter)

Medical Malpractice Waivers: A Bad Idea Whose Time Will Never Come (Alan Crede)

I don’t usually do intellectual property stuff, but…The Battle of the Breastaurants: “Twin Peaks: v. “Grand Tetons” (Siouxsie Law)

While I celebrated my four-year blog anniversary yesterdayBob Ambrogi celebrates his eighth year anniversary today. (Law Sites)

A 14-year-old girl is hit by a speeding car, rendered quadriplegic and brain damaged, and is only able to recover $200,000? Scott Greenfield explains (Simple Justice)

A $2.5M verdict for post traumatic stress disorder gets cut in half by an appellate court. John Hochfelder explains how it gets done

Did you know there’s a Golden Asshole Award? And further, that it’s an actual honor to get it? Vickie Pynchon explains why (Negotiation Law Blog)

Banks and hedge funds investing in lawsuits. Max Kennerly takes it on (Litigation and Trial)

How does the tort “reform” lobby get funded? C’mon, you know the answer

Pink Tape has Blawg Review #290;

Colin Samuels continues his Round Tuit round-ups, with a discussion of the TSA scandal involving their new groping policy;

And TortsProf continues on with a Personal Injury Law Roundup.

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