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August 17th, 2010

Linkworthy (Rounding up the Round-Ups)

I was on vacation all last week, which is why this blog was silent. (Pretend you noticed.) And I’ve discovered the challenges of shooting video while parasailing with kids. (Pretend you care. And if you do, for some odd reason, click to enlarge.)

But I’ve also come home to see 2,000+ stories in my RSS feed. No, I will not read them all. Or even most.

I will note some roundups (or round ups, or round-ups; your pleasure to hyphenate or bifurcate), however, to others that have destilled the awesome greatness of the legal blogosphere and plucked the very best for your persusal. Or, althernatively, some bloggers who simply linked to stuff they found interesting.

Mastectomies, Rental Cars, BP, Discrimination, Drugs – and Other News (The Pop Tort)

News of Interest for Lawyers on August 10th (Ron Miller – Maryland Injury Lawyer Blog)

Legal and Safety News Round Up (8/10/2010) (Brett Emison @ InjuryBoard)

Legal News Round-Up (Alan CredeBoston Personal Injury Law Blog)

August 13 Roundup; August 12 roundup; August 11 roundup (all from Overlawyered, which does these daily)

Non-Sequiters (Above the Law)

Grand Rounds (the medical blogosphere’s equivilent of Blawg Review, which sometimes hits the junction of law and medicine)

Health Wonk Review (which often hits the medical-legal angles)

Cavalcade of Risk (hitting the insurance business angle)

And, of course, Blawg Review, hosted this week, in the dog days of August, with a Chicago Blackhawks Stanley Cup theme.  It’s like Crazy Eddie’s Christmas sale in August. Only with lawyers.

[The Personal Injury Law Roundup over at TortsProf is on summer hiatus.]

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