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April 5th, 2010

Welcome New Readers (Gawker, Instapundit, Right-Wing Blogosphere and others) – bumped and updated x2

To those coming over from Gawker for a few moments to read about a small April Fool’s stunt that punked The New York Times, and how it happened, welcome.

[Bumped and updated: Welcome, also, Instapundit, and others linked below]

[Updated x2 due to an influx of political bloggers from the right side of the aisle, with a selection below]

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I’ll trust you know how to use that RSS button when you realize you simply can’t live without having a personal injury lawyer in your RSS feed. People are like that sometimes.

Feel free to mosey around, but please try not to trash the joint while you’re here.

See: NYT Fooled Twice on April Fools’ Day (Gawker)


  • Mr. NYPILB Doesn’t Go to Washington (Coverage Counsel):

    And I, for one, am glad Mr. NYPILB is staying in New York. And that he posted that second, less aged-looking photo of himself with his family…

  • Blogger Tricks NYT on April Fools Day (Mediaite):

    April 2nd is sometimes like the “morning after” scene in a big war movie, where you walk around the body-strewn battlefield and try to identify everyone who’s been killed. Or in this case, fooled. This year, one of the victims turned out to be that old veteren war horse, the New York Times, who got tricked by a prank pulled by the writer of a law blog…

  • Today’s Blooper of the Week (Set in Style):

    April Fool’s Day was great fun for some. Even the Pope participated, washing 12 pairs of feet with water and (who knew?) a solution that made those feet itch like mad 10 minutes later….

  • Turkewitz Blogger — The OTHER One — Punks The New York Times (Let’s Talk Turkey):

    Eric Turkewitz, blogger extraordinaire, also happens to be my man. He’s got a highly-popular blog in the legal and political landscape and rarely do our paths cross in the traffic-jammed blogosphere. But today they did…

  • New York Times is April Fooled by Law Blogger (Lowering the Bar)

    Not me, unfortunately — as I pointed out yesterday, nobody with fingers and access to a search engine would be fooled for very long by anything I tried to pass off as serious. But somebody, or a group of somebodies, with more respectability than me did manage to fool no less than the New York Times for about three hours…

  • That April Foolin’ New York Personal Injury Lawyer (Wise Law Blog):

    I confess that for a brief moment, I was fooled too.

    When our blawger friend, Eric Turkewitz of the New York Personal Injury Attorney Blog announced his appointment last week as “official White House law blogger,” my instant immediate reaction was ‘wow, that’s cool — I know that guy!’…

  • Fake story meant to ensnare bloggers catches NYT instead (Liberty Pundits):

    And these clowns wonder why they are circling the drain? This lawyer pulled the fake story stunt to entrap us — political bloggers — because “fact checking is not” our “strong suit,” so he claimed. We ignored the story, and the NYT ran with it…[much more, with bonus personal attack, no extra charge!]

  • Fake story meant to ensnare bloggers catches NYT instead (LauraIngraham):

    It’s a good ruse complete with charts and stories…

  • New York Times punked again (American Thinker):

    What happens when a personal injury lawyer tries to punk “political bloggers”? Answer: the blogs ignore it, but the New York Times runs with it — on April 1…

  • April Fools’ Joke Snares NYTimes (TheAtlanticWire):

    The rise of Twitter has made rapid information-sharing and fact-checking so easy that many journalists spent April Fools’ Day bemoaning the end of pranks. But one enterprising law blogger could celebrate a successful hoax when he hooked the Gray Lady herself…

3 thoughts on “Welcome New Readers (Gawker, Instapundit, Right-Wing Blogosphere and others) – bumped and updated x2

  1. That's hilarious. You can take it as a compliment. You are so trusted of a source that the NY Times would take your word for it.

    Honestly, you had me too. I thought it made no sense that the White House would anoint a blogger as "official" other than perhaps having an rss feed from the press office. But then I thought that it does kindof fit the "regular guy" image that the Obama/Biden White House sometimes strives for. Plus, Eric Turkewitz wouldn't lie — couldn't happen. I was waiting for more details, and had planned to send you a comment or tweet saying congratulations.

    I suppose I'm gullible though. Yesterday morning my wife convinced me she had spontaneously adopted a second basset hound. I was planning a trip to Petco in my head before she told me it was a prank.

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