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April 8th, 2010

Linkworthy (Post April Fool’s Day Edition)

An important Court of Appeals case I would blog if I had more time: Primary assumption of risk does not apply to children since they cannot understand the risks of what they are doing Thankfully, Roy Mura at Coverage Counsel had the time to write up Trupia v. Lake George School District (a 12-year-old boy who was seriously injured when he slid down a banister and fell on school property); And there is more on the case at the Sports Law Blog;

Who knew that a string cite could be entertaining? Judge Kozinski shows how it’s done;

Did WestLaw deliberately design their new pricing plan to be utterly incomprehensible? It seems like the only explanation: 3 Geeks and a Law Blog; Legal Research & Writing Pro; Legal Blog Watch. Oh yeah, it also tops out at $3,400/hr. It’s a good thing that lawyers and clients don’t care about expenses and have money to burn in these booming times;

Does a lawyer have to have an office to practice law, and if so, what kind? And what about that home office?

Rudy Giuliani gives an important lesson on leadership and terror trials;

This is an analogy that makes perfect sense: How Identify Theft if Like the Ford Pinto;

In the ethics department, the New York Committee on Professional Responsibility issued its first opinion under the new code (which switched over on, no joke, April 1, 2009). And the rule on what to do if your client lies during a deposition has changed;

Michael Jackson’s father plans to sue his son’s doctor for wrongful death, a subject I speculated about last year;

Do lawsuits make hospitals safer?

The trial lawyer, as theater director;

Here is tort “reform, made simple;

Legal ethics and the embarrassment of having been wrong;

The jurisprudence of April Fool’s Day;

Since April Fool’s Day seems to last forever these days, a special link;

And Blawg Review #258 give us the 300 birthday of the Statute of Anne

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