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April 28th, 2010


How much would you pay for a $10 bill? The answer may very well surprise you. Does this happen with lawsuits?

Scott Greenfield worked his way through law school by being a Warm Body at the Van der Graaff accelerator among other occupations. How are the current crop making it through, and does it affect the way they approach the law?

In March, I featured this opinion with two sentences that each weighed in at 300+ words. Kevin Underhill appears to have found a topper from Senior Judge Aquilino at the U.S. Court of International Trade. This marvel has 538 words and appears to address, in part, a problem that “may stem from a lack of sufficient clarity in [its] prior opinion…” I wonder how that could happen;

And yes, there is an award for convoluted legalese;

If a gym teacher tells a kid to take off a Medic Alert bracelet for class, is there potential legal liability?

A massive Wal-Mart class action regarding pay equality is permitted to go forward by the Ninth Circuit. These are the links as some hope the Supremes will take the case;

The inadvertent loss of a next-generation iPhone (left in a bar) and the subsequent purchase and deconstruction of it by Gizmodo presented plenty of fodder for people to discuss. But now it’s gone legal, with a search warrant and seizure of computers by the buyer. What’s missing from this scenario? Perhaps a little thing like probable cause for the seizure;

Want some free legal advice from Avvo? Don’t worry,  you’ll get exactly what you paid for;

TortsProf with the personal injury law round-up;

Defendants in personal injury suits are funded by multi-billion dollar companies. Should plaintiffs also have some serious money behind them, and if so, what form should it take?
What’s the best way to reduce medical malpractice lawsuits? Should we create tort “reform” that closes the courthouse doors? Or might there by another solution?

When the Icelandic volcano erupted, everyone faced a serious problem. How do you pronounced that damned name? From Andy Newman at the New York Times came this pearl of prose:

All across this fair city, thousands of people, some of them highly paid television and radio newscasters, found themselves tumbling down the vowel-and-liquid-consonant-lubricated slopes of Eyjafjallajokull, the mountain’s 16-letter, six-and-a-half-syllable, 47-Scrabble-point name.

Walter Olson lets us know that two brewers had a choice to make when the both pick the same name for an ale: Collaborate or litigate?

Be very careful when you use acronyms. Because they might have alternative meanings

Please don’t boycott Arizona Iced Tea. It’s made in New York;

And Blawg Review #261 is up at IPKat, discussing (in part) what works and what doesn’t in blogs.

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