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April 21st, 2010

I’ll Be Speaking in Tampa, May 13

On May 13th I’ll be speaking in Tampa at an event sponsored by Injury Board and the American Association for Justice. The theme of the conference? Marketing and advertising for lawyers.

Now you might think this is an odd place to have me speak, given that I’ve often been sharply critical of a variety of high tech marketing techniques, so I’ll explain why I’m doing this.

The lead sponsor is a personal injury group blog called Injury Board that is, to put it mildly, severely under-utilized by it’s participants. It is rare to see any of the postings in that area appear in a Blawg Review or, in fact, linked up to any other external blog. It might happen, but I don’t generally see it. There seems to be little interaction with the outside blogging world.

A quick view of sample blog postings shows the following:

  • This one is about a local car accident, which has little importance to anyone else in the world except those involved. Why do you think it was written?
  • This one is about “where to put your hands on the steering wheel”and has the words “personal injury” linked to a lawsuit finance company with a pitch for their services at the end;
  • This one has a list of train accidents along with a call to action to contact the firm at the end.

Some of this stuff parallels the points I made when I jokingly offered my blog up for sale on April Fool’s Day 2009, with a list of worst blogging practices.

My feeling is that such blatant advertising in the form of blog postings is bad for the profession and bad for personal injury attorneys in particular. It’s already tough to find an impartial jury that isn’t tainted by lawyer-haters, and this kind of stuff just makes it worse. It is, to me, not just the digital equivalent of the bad TV commercial, but worse: When lawyers target particular accidents and individuals I believe that they cross the line into solicitation. (See Attorney Solicitation 2.0 — Is It Ethical?)

So I’m heading down to Tampa to deliver a message that some in the crowd probably won’t like, but which I think is important to deliver. But it isn’t just me that thinks it’s important, for so too does Tom Young, one of the co-founders of Injury Board and the person that invited me to speak. It’s a credit to Young that he’s asked me to come, knowing full well that my opinions may be deeply at odds with the conduct of some of the bloggers at Injury Board.

You can find some of the speakers at this link.

5 thoughts on “I’ll Be Speaking in Tampa, May 13

  1. Thank you Eric for speaking with our group. We are looking forward to hearing your insights. A major aim of the Radius of Influence approach to lawyer marketing is to educate attorneys that they do not need to stoop to the level of used car salesman in order to be successful.

  2. The race to the bottom hurts clients and lawyers alike, and makes the populace deeply cynical about the administration of justice.

    I'm looking forward to the event.

  3. I heard you speak you tube. . One subject was lawyers blogging about accidents. There’s a firm in california that appears to consistently do this and send their condolences.(sorry I don’t have the guts to name names like you) Please. You are so right that this is a thinnest form of ambulance chasing.

    Yes there are times that its timely if you have something to add that make sense.For instance a house fire where smoke alarms were active but did not go off. So you could educate the public about the ionic killer and photoelectric saviors smoke detectors..
    I wanted to tell you on this piece I agree. I could not find your blog here about that.

  4. I would have loved to see you speak on legal marketing and advertising. Is the presentation available online for those of us who could not make it?