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February 25th, 2010

Linkworthy (Return to personal injury law edition)

Clock is tickin’, so much I wanted to write about but didn’t have the time for…

Here’s some reasons not to make any representation as to what a case is worth when you take it in: Settle it Now, Negotiation Blog;

Sometimes the mistake gets made, but the damages aren’t there: New mom given wrong baby to nurse, wants settlement from hospital;

Baseball mascot flings hot dog. Said doggie hits fan in the eye. Did the fan assume the risk of having a mascot fling a hot dog at him during a game? And would John Hochfelder have taken the case?

Let me guess, the new client is overseas and they want you to collect an easy $400,000 or so for them, right? And you get a nice big piece? Uh huh. Law Firms Swindled Out of $500K in E-Mail Scam and a personal experience with the scammer;

How’s this for a quote regarding the Toyota scandal: “Yet for all the demonizing of trial lawyers, the reality is that product-liability litigation has become an ever more important means of keeping consumers safe.” It appeared on the WSJ OP-Ed page;

A post at Concurring Opinions on medical liability uses this graphic at left. But the image looks Photoshopped to me as the instrument seems too small to actually hold. Want to see what a retained surgical instrument really looks like?

Bob Dylan is dead. You didn’t know? Ann Althouse finds out due to a computer program that ambulance chases. When I wrote Attorney Solicitation 2.0 back in 2007, I never thought of that one;

TortsProf is still chugging along with the Personal Injury Law round-ups;

Blawg Review #252 is frightening;

My three posts on Justice Scalia’s letter to my brother regarding secession have had 40,000 page views as it roared around the web with thousands of forum comments, tweets and blog postings, finding a home at NYT, WSJ, WaPo, NBC, CBS and The Hollywood Reporter, among others. And if Eugene Volokh hadn’t put up this post, the letter would still be in a drawer as a fun, family curiosity. But no one has tackled my suggestion that Scalia flat out blew it on whether the court could ever hear such a case.

I’m going to bed, hope there aren’t too many typos and blown links.

One thought on “Linkworthy (Return to personal injury law edition)

  1. Wow that would be awful to have something forgotten in your body!!
    I can only imagine what damage that would cause!