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January 8th, 2010


Medical researchers go hunting for a link between disease and lawyers, and Max Kennerly takes the “research” and rips it limb from limb;

The PopTort has become, over the last several months, a truly outstanding blog. They wrote recently how Katrina hospital victims were, literally, dead in the water, and how tort “reform” in Texas failed to bring docs back to rural areas;

Kevin, M.D. has a round-up of his most popular posts from 2009, many of which have a legal angle to them;

Avvo makes 8 predictions for the legal field for 2010;

The NY Court of Appeals hears oral argument on the issue of “sole proximate cause” of the worker as a defense to strict liability under our Labor Law;

Since when did cyber-stalking become a gender issue? Eugene Volokh starts the conversation. [Edit: Subsequent links removed 7/30/10 as they went dead]. (Previously here, Twitter Followers and Stalkers — Can You Tell the Difference?);

Am I my blogger’s keeper? Carolyn Elefant and Brian Tannebaum on ethical issues and lawyers‘ professional obligations regarding marketing;

And Blawg Review #245 comes at us from Charon QC with this exquisite theme:

I have no theme — other than to look at as many good blog posts and bloggers as I can under various quasi-random headings.

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