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May 8th, 2009


100 Tweets: Thinking about law practice in 140 characters or less. (Matthew Homann @ the [non] billable hour)

Scott Greenfield takes on a “law blog” called USLaw that has been reprinting the entire content of other people’s blogs, including his, mine, and if you have a blog, probably yours. The comments pile up quickly in The Verdict Is In.

In December I wrote about a Christmas sale stampede at Wal-Mart that resulted in the death of a temporary worker in Wal-Mart Liability in Stampede Death (Civil and Criminal). The criminal end has now been resolved with the payment of a fine, but no prosecution. Greenfield wonders why other criminal defendants can’t buy their way out of such jams.

China Law Blog tackles Blawg Review #210, ostensibly premised on discuss the 90th anniversary of the May 4th Movement that overthrew feudal China, but in reality, it is a guise to hand me a nomination for Justice Souter’s soon-to-be-vacant Supreme Court seat;

John Day on a report that is “a virtual treasure trove of information for lawyers handling slip and fall cases.

Texting while driving a bus? A big no-no. And this one is caught on tape.

TortsProf has this week’s Personal Injury Law Round-Up;

And finally, a lawyer joke I actually liked.

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