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January 30th, 2009


Hayman & Kirshenbaum are the sort who make personal injury lawyers seem no better than common crooks and scoundrels.” Why did Mister Thorne write that? (And how fast did that law firm just kill its Google reputation by its conduct?) Update: Mister Thorne finds more in Part II)

Defense counsel conducts interviews of plaintiff’s treating physicians without permission, and a defense verdict results. Matt Lerner at New York Civil Practice tells you why the verdict was then tossed out by an appellate court;

Blawg Review #196 comes up from Down Under (for the 4th time) on Australia Day;

TortsProf has this week’s Personal Injury Law Round-Up;

When robbing banks, be careful about which paper you write showmethemoney (NY Mag, Intel);

Scott Greenfield sees changing comment policies at BigBlawgs (Above the Law, Balkanization, Concurring Opinions, Volokh, SecularRight), sees a drop in comments at his blog, sees migration to Twitter for some commenters, and wraps it all together in The Lifecycle of Comments. My comment policy remains as it has been for a long time: moderated. While it means less immediacy in seeing comments, it also keeps out the spammers and nuts.

And it was 25 years ago on Super Bowl Sunday that the single greatest ad ever created ran during the game. It was the one and only time 1984 ran on national television. But it lives on in YouTube.

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standing up for your legal rights
unless they’re your copyrights, in which case chicago’s personal injury firm of hayman & kirshenbaum doesn’t seem to be quite so particular (via turkewitz). more: mister thorne reports that h&k has now removed the cited material,
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