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December 16th, 2008

Linkworthy (Disorder in the Court Edition)

In the news is not just one courthouse brawl, but two.

First, in New York: A defendant goes bonkers, and a New York Times reporter happens to be in the jury pool:

“Obviously, things didn‘t go as I planned this afternoon,” the judge began, with dry understatement.

Next up, from New Orleans, two lawyers go at in the courtroom in a civil case. They are rivals in a class action suit (h/t Ron Miller);

Dennis Quaid settles against Cedars-Sinai Hospital for $750,000 for the Heparin overdose of his twins. (The Quaids had previously sued Baxter for crappy labelling, but not the hospital.) Doesn’t that exceed the arbitrary 250K California pain and suffering cap?

TortsProf has the 12/12/08 edition of the Personal Injury Law Round-Up, in case you missed it.

And Eliot Spitzer has his coming out at a party hosted by Slate. Where? At the Happy Ending Lounge, site of a former massage parlor. I kid you not. (

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