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December 31st, 2008

Chief Judge Kaye Keeps Door Open On Hillary’s Senate Seat

Dan Slater from the WSJ Law Blog interviewed New York’s chief Judge Judith Kaye today on what she will do next now that she is retiring.

Two weeks ago I said she should be considered for Hillary’s Senate seat, with Caroline Kennedy being a particularly bad choice. (See, Chief Judge Judith Kaye — For U.S. Senate)

And the last question Slater asked was on that point. And the Chief Judge kept the door open with this non-answer:

We’ve heard rumors that you might replace Hillary Clinton in the senate.

I’m not thinking yet about my chapter three. You’re still talking to the chief judge, Dan. Have some respect. [Laughter]

One thought on “Chief Judge Kaye Keeps Door Open On Hillary’s Senate Seat

  1. Judge Kaye has big shoes to fill. All the luck if ever she intends to replace Hilary’s seat in Congress.
    # posted by Anonymous LawLover : January 09, 2009 10:19 PM