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September 11th, 2008


What personality traits to bloggers have? A new study tells us (Running a Hospital; Clinical Cases and Images);

McCain v. Obama on tort “reform” at the North Carolina Trial Law Blog (via TortsProf);

Brett Trout has a great piece on why some blogs get high Google rankings, discussing how search engine optimization is vastly different than blog optimization;

Blogger Hans Poppe comes home with a $5M verdict (Poppe Law Blog);

The story of med-blogger Flea and the dangers of anonymous blogging was revisited by Sam Solomon at Canadian Medicine. The post is adopted from a presentation he gave;

TortsProf with the September 5, 2008 edition of the Personal Injury Law Round-Up;

Blawg Review #176 is up at Legal Literacy;

And the 200 mile Reach the Beach Relay is being run this weekend across New Hampshire, starting at Cannon Mountain in Franconia and ending about 24 hours later at Hampton Beach State Park. So if you live along the course, keep an eye out for a familiar face.

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