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September 3rd, 2008


TortsProf has the 8/29/08 edition of the Personal Injury Round Up, in case you missed it due to Labor Day / vacation;

Jamie Spencer’s Austin DWI Lawyer hosted the Labor Day edition of Blawg Review # 175;

Philip Morris v. Williams heads up the Supremes for the third time, on the issue of a punitive damage award. California Punitive Damages has the briefs (via TortsProf);

Walter Olson at Overlawyered on the proper way to blog and comment on blogs;

Gov. Sarah Palin — Republican VP nominee and arch anti-abortion crusader — had an amniocentesis while pregnant. But if she had no intention of ever aborting, why have it? (Dorf on Law)

More Palin:

I still consider my pre-Iowa caucus picks of Obama/Biden and McCain/Romney to be alive.

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