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July 18th, 2008


When defendants do it, it isn’t called “forum shopping.” (Justinian Lane @ TortDeform). Which, he points out, is just a tad different than judge shopping;

Things to do while waiting for a verdict, in Texas (You-won’t-believe-this edition) (Scott Greenfield @ Simple Justice, and Jamie Spencer at Austin DWI Lawyer);

Hmmmm….beer-sicles (Walter Olson @ Overlawyered)

And a more serious Walter Olson on the politicization of judicial selection with elections, and how campaign dollars contribute to tort “reform” (Olson @ Point of Law) which stirs up much reaction);

New York has higher hospital infection rates that the national average, and that ain’t good (Jim Reed @ Zifflaw)

Church Answers Lawsuit of Fallen Man (Kevin Underhill @ Lowering the Bar)

Is that a rat in my entree? (Dustin @ Quizlaw)

What the hell was Joe Cocker singing? (We get a little help from our friend David Giacalone @ f/k/a with this short, must-see video)

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