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March 13th, 2008

Random Notes

“Have you ever patronized a prostitute?” was the question asked of New York’s incoming governor, David (just one “t”) Paterson who is replacing Eliot (just one “l”) Spitzer. The answer is at Capitol Confidential;

A Google seach of “New York State” shows that Paterson is already the Governor, even though he won’t be sworn in for four more days (also via Capitol Confidential); Here’s the screenshot: Who’s The Gov.pdf

A reminder for new New York bloggers: Each Monday Nicole Black at Sui Generis does a round-up of New York blog postings for the last week and on Wednesday a round-up of news stories;

Blawg Review #150 is up at the Trusted Advisor, with a theme of, well, trust;

Marc (with a “c”) Randazza at The Legal Satryicon, in addition to opining on why Frank Zappa would have been a good elected official, adds me to his blogroll, writing:

Turkewitz’ blawg might be a head scratcher. What the heck does a personal injury blawg have to do with my areas of expertise and interest? Nothing. Nevertheless, I find his blawg to be thought provoking as all hell, and frankly quite addictive and detrimental to my billing!

Yikes! Talk about setting a high bar. Marc’s own idiosyncratic blawg — he clearly doesn’t write the way most law professors do — has been added to my blogroll.

Kevin, M.D.’s blogging leads to an op-ed in USA Today, while Anne Reed’s blogging leads to a trip to Japan. Which says something about the power of the blog.

–Eric (with a “c”)

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