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January 17th, 2008

Random Notes

Lots of stuff I didn’t get to because I am too busy working:

A wrongful death award made to grandchildren has been ruled invalid by a New York appellate court. Only a distributee can recover, and if the parents of the grandchildren are alive, they don’t qualify. (New York Legal Update);

An eye doctor gets sued for toe-licking (No, I am not making this up);

A much less funny lawsuit of a California hospital sued for patient dumping, when it dropped a paraplegic man in a hospital gown on skid row;

TortDeform releases its Election ’08: A Pro Civil Justice Presidential Platform;

Susan Carier Liebel at Build a Solo Practice presents Blawg Review, as an inventive letter to a new attorney;

Scott Greenfield on the Supreme Court upholding New York’s judicial selection proceeding, along with the money quote from from Justice John Paul Stevens in a concurrence: “The Constitution does not prohibit legislatures from enacting stupid laws;” and

And if you’re going to go off topic, you might as well do it with style, as the Justice Building Blog did in a tribute to the most famous boxer on the planet.

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