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January 9th, 2008

Random Notes

Been too busy to post much, but a few things that deserve note:

Welcome to a new law blog, court-o-rama, which pitches itself as “the least dangerous blog.” (Now what fun is that?) It’s the brainchild of Anne Skove, editor of the Jur-E Bulletin, and will watch everything that happens inside the courthouse doors.

Legally funny videos at The Billable Hour;

A defunct law blog wins a category of the ABA Journal Blawg 100;

TortsProf Bill Childs offers to help Jon Stewart discuss tort law, once the strike is over;

And Blawg Review #141 is at Charon QC — that’s QC as in Queens Counsel, which he is not– comes at us from across the Atlantic. And any Blawg Review that starts with a Charge of the Light Brigade is going to be a winner. Which it is.

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