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January 28th, 2007

More on the need for civility in court…

Howard Bashman (How Appealing) comments today in a nice article at (Decorum on Appeal: When Judges Are Under Attack) on the recent Utah Supreme Court decision to sanction a law professor $17,000 for the disrespect he showed to the appellate court below. I wrote about this on Friday, with a link back to the ABA article on the subject.

Bashman’s treatment of the subject is good reading for anyone that intends to litigate anything.

What was also interesting about the decision is that the court didn’t decide the merits of the appeal. I suppose, theoretically, there is a legal malpractice case there as a result of the client losing his case like that. But in order to prevail, the plaintiff must ultimately end out back in the Utah Supreme Court and get a reversal of the lower appellate court ruling.

That sounds like a long, miserable experience, and judicial economy doesn’t seem to be served here without a decision on the merits when it first appeared before the court.

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