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November 16th, 2018

So That’s What Law Firm Marketing Looks Like!

Noble McIntyre, unloading turkeys in 2017.

Over the years, I’ve had my fair share of fun skewering attorney marketing.

There was, for example, the law firm that advertised over a urinal.

Lawyers that used Google ads or YouTube to chase plane crashes and train accidents.

And there were companies that wanted me to advertise on funeral websites or in an unethical manner.

But when a law firm does it right — no matter how rare it may appear — we should sit up and take notice, yes?

Enter, stage right, the McIntyre Law Firm in Oklahoma City.

What did they do right to earn a little free press from me?

On Thanksgiving Day they will distribute 2,500 free turkeys to the people in their area. And, I’m guessing, they will feel pretty good about doing it.

It’s the 9th year in a row for the firm that, it just so happens, finds it convenient to distribute them from the parking lot of the law firm building.

And this is part of a larger effort by the firm and other local personal injury firms:

“Our goal every year is the same – to serve as many Oklahoma families as possible,” said attorney Noble McIntyre, a co-founder of Lawyers Fighting Hunger and a former President of the Oklahoma Association for Justice. “The combined financial efforts of so many Oklahoma plaintiff trial lawyers donating to Lawyers Fighting Hunger, combined with the physical resources of the Local 157 Oklahoma City fire fighters and the Oklahoma City Police officers allows us the opportunity to be of greater service to the Oklahomans most in need of a helping hand. With the help of plaintiff trial lawyers across Oklahoma we are able to not only provide thousands of free drinks and hamburgers at each location on the day of each event but also free turkeys for thousands to take home to their families.”

Nobody out there has to yell and scream “hire me!” The turkey recipients aren’t injured.

The lawyers just do good deeds in the community.  And when needs arrive for family or friends that may call out for legal assistance there’s a pretty good chance someone will remember who the good guys are.

Community relations. It may be an effort, but it’s not a complicated concept.

You can read more about the firm’s efforts in leading over 100 other Oklahoma firms around the state to feed the needy at holiday time at this link.

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