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October 2nd, 2012

The Importance of Blogging

My writing has been a little light in recent months. There’s a reason, or perhaps I should say, many reasons. But the primary one is that this blog takes a back seat to more important endeavors.

There is, for example, family. I’ve got a couple of kids that are growing up, and let’s face it, they won’t be kids forever. Kids need attention.  And family vacations will, one day, be more difficult to arrange. Family is important.

There is the matter of running, which I try to find time to do. A few weeks ago I went up to New Hampshire with a group of friends to run a 200-mile relay. (The three minute video is here, well worth the time.) Friends are important.

And there is the matter of a half-marathon trail race I am organizing, scheduled for October 14th, which will attract many hundreds of runners, and has, in just a few years, become one of the biggest events of its kind on the Eastern Seaboard. Community is important.

And did I mention that I have four cases coming up for trial in the next few months? Clients are important.

Where does blogging fit into all this? Well, at the very bottom. As I’ve written before, I do it for fun and I do it when I have time, but I can’t (and won’t) be a slave to it. There are plenty of stories I’d like to write about, and posts composed in my head as I read the newspaper on the train. But at work and at home, more important things often leap into the way.

Each year the ABA Journal does a Blawg 100, and they’ve selected my humble little bit of cyberspace each of the past four years. This year they are unlikely to do so, as my blogging has slowed down as real life takes precedence.

As between cyber life and real life there is no contest as to importance.

2 thoughts on “The Importance of Blogging

  1. I applaud your choices. And nothing speaks more highly of a lawyer than a healthy dose of common humanity.

    Ah, but do keep us up to date with the inane machinations of you-know-who — when you have the time, of course.