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June 23rd, 2011

Rakofsky Case: Reuters Moves To Dismiss (Updated x2)

Reuters has moved to dismiss the case that Joseph Rakofsky recently brought against 81 defendants  for defamation. I am one of the defendants, and you can read the background on the case and my response here.

Since I am also now local counsel to 35 of the defendants, I’ve elected to refrain from further commentary, though I have been publishing many of the filings here.

The Reuters motion to dismiss includes its writer Dan Slater. The motion is directed toward the merits, even though Reuters alleges a failure to properly serve the suit.

Counsel for Reuters is Mark Weissman of Herzfeld & Rubin.

This represents the sixth motion in this young case:

1.  Our motion to extend time to answer or move,  and for pro hac vice admission of Marc Randazza

2.  Kennerly Motion to dismiss

3, 4  Seddiq and Koehler motions to dismiss.

5.  Borzouye motion to withdraw as counsel for Rakofsky

The documents for the Reuters motion to dismiss:

Notice of Motion,  Mark Weissman Affidavit and Exhibits

Daniel Slater Affidavit

Reuters Memo of Law

Updated 5/24/12: Rakofsky’s Memo of Law in Opposition: Rakofsky Opp Memo Of Law

Updated 6/26/12: Reuters Reply Memo and Opposition to cross-motion to amend the amended complaint:Reply Memo-Law:Opp-x-m

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