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October 24th, 2010

Linkworthy (If Only I Had More Time…)

If I had more time, these are some of the things that I’d be writing about:

Justinian Lane at Tort Deform takes on the subject of “unnecessary” medical tests by asking, was that doctor doing a test just so he wouldn’t get sued, or was it for treatment?

Brian Wilson of Ohio: Surgical Errors Continue To Be A Malpractice Problem…But Not Necessarily A Lawsuit Problem;

If draconian malpractice caps work, why does Texas have a doctor shortage? The PopTort thinks it has the answer;

And what do doctors think of malpractice issues?  Here is the flip side at Kevin, M.D.: 8 ways to avoid malpractice;

Max Kennerly of Philadelphia on the glamour (and glory!) of being a lawyer; And this is, shall we say, another view of what it’s like to be a lawyer;

Alan Crede from Boston on Babies Drowning In Puddles, CVS Pharmacists And Duties Of Care, with a dose of philosophy  thrown in;

And more Crede: Why medical malpractice suits are a red herring in the healthcare debate;

Eugene Volokh has a reader question: Why are you afraid to blog about my favorite issue?

The Consumerist poses this question: Should a shirt have an “unconditional guarantee” if there are conditions?

The verdict for the elbow fracture was for $4.37M. But the case settled for $1.65M. John Hochfelder explains why;

Something you should never, ever, ask a cop;

Mark Bennett of Texas on FindLaw’s continuing pursuit of garbage, this time, by creating “On behalf of” blogs that aren’t really blogs, but regurgitated news stories (FindLaw previously here, in all its ugly glory: Are FindLaw’s “Blogs” Tainting Its Clients, Commentators and the Profession of Law?);

New York’s Scott Greenfield goes looking for signs of intelligent life on Twitter;

The latest personal injury round-up from TortsProf; and

Blawg Review #286 was hosted by Sir Piercie Shafton. So if you want to know who Sir Piercie is, and how he rounded up the legal blogsosphere last week, you have to hit the link.

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