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June 17th, 2010

Debrahlee Lorenzana’s ‘Too Sexy Lawsuit’ Updated

A week ago I wrote of the loser lawsuit by Debrahlee Lorenzana who claims she was fired by Citigroup for being too good genetically sexy, because we know that happens all the time. And the subsequent revelation that she also happened to love plastic surgery, participated in a reality TV show on the subject, had a couple of breast augmentation surgeries among other stuff, and that she was likely to have more than a few credibility issues if this suit ever survived the inevitable summary judgment motion.

While I contemplated that her lawyer would dump her when the TV show stuff came out, in now seems that she has dumped the lawyer instead, claiming that her sex discrimination lawyer was in fact a discriminator himself, based on an old, abandoned lawsuit by someone else.

And just when you thought it couldn’t be any wierder, she hires Gloria Allred instead (previously here: Gloria Allred v. OctoMom (What’s a “Celebrity Lawyer?”)) who apparently isn’t even admitted to practice law in New York. 

Who cares if the case is a dog, as long as you get your name in the papers, right?

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