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April 2nd, 2010

I’ve Been Punked! (By My Own Joke)

Yesterday I was on the lookout for someone trying to get me back after posting that I was to be named the White House law blogger.

Maybe a friend posing as a journalist? As someone from the White House? Didn’t happen.

But they got me today.

The New York State Trial Lawyers Association — which advocates for civil justice issues and which I’ve been a member of for years — sent this blast email to its membership:

Dear Colleagues,

I am proud to report to our entire NYSTLA membership that our very own NYSTLA member Eric Turkewitz has been hand-picked from on high to be the official White House Legal Blogger.

I can think of no better spokesperson for the Rule of Law as well as the Civil Justice System. Eric has proven himself to be a person of true character and integrity who has seen first hand the pernicious assaults against our clients’ rights and understands the seriousness by which we must respond.

I am also excited to give a little Law Day preview, as Chief Judge Lippman has just agreed to personally acknowledge Eric on Law Day with a presentation recognizing this honor. Also, it is my understanding that The New York Law Journal is planning to write about this news on Monday.

I would like wish all my colleagues a safe and rewarding holiday week and weekend. Enjoy the sunny weather promised for our state these next few days. And on Monday, let’s come back well-rested and ready to take up the cause once again.

Congratulations once more to Eric Turkewitz.

And Eric – does this mean NYSTLA members get free White House Tours?

Warm Regards,

Richard S. Binko

The distribution list is in the thousands.

Then an email came in from a friend asking if I’d seen it. Yep, I had. And I confess to getting that warm, fuzzy gotcha feeling of having punked someone else, pretty big time, though I wasn’t looking forward to the new deluge of email I would get.

Turns out, there were only two recipients of that email. Me and my buddy.

Well played, my friends, well played.

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