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April 23rd, 2010

Back When I Had Hair…

I wasn’t going to write anything about the 22nd anniversary of my 28th birthday, until my brother sent a picture on to me. If you believe AARP, it’s an old picture. But that isn’t the way I like to think of it.

It is a good day, however, to repeat something I wrote three weeks ago explaining why I run April Fool’s gags:

Lawyers often deal with misery. Peoples’ lives can be forever changed in a fraction of a second in an accident. Divorce. Child custody. Bankruptcy. Arrests. There is no real end to the chain of human misery that clients bring to the doors of practicing attorneys.

So the April Fool’s post is a count-your-blessings kind of thing. You only live once and life doesn’t come with rehearsals. If you can enjoy yourself a little without hurting someone else, then that’s OK. Laughter isn’t the antidote to all of life’s ills, but it sure doesn’t hurt. Unless, of course, you’re the Paper of Record.

Seems to me that blessings should be counted on other days as well.

Thanks to Mrs. NYPILB and the little people in the house for the breakfast in bed. And if you were looking for a birthday video, you can forget, as we already made one that was banned. So you’re stuck with the pic.

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