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March 29th, 2010

Linkworthy (With A Bush/Clinton Bonus)

The Georgia Supreme Court struck down artificial limits on medical malpractice cases (more links at the WSJ Law Blog); And if you were wondering, this is how New York caps personal injury awards;

If you put boilerplate in your legal papers, what do you think the reaction will be?

New York City settles, for $33M, a case involving illegal strip searches;

And more NYC, regarding the almost-settlement of the 9/11 responder cases (Lawyers deserve praise):

The workers’ lawyers devoted hundreds of thousands of hours to their clients’ cause without receiving a nickel in payment. The defense lawyers, by contrast, bore no such risks. Their expenses were reimbursed as incurred and they were paid by the hour for their time each month.

Were you thinking of buying a Louis Vuitton bag? I hope not;

There will not be any “demonstration” alternatives to medical malpractice suits from the health care bill. Why? Well, its supporters all decided to vote no on the bill. So there wasn’t any reason to make gifts to them that close the courthouse doors to injured people;

What happens when David Duke in drag goes up to Canada to speak?

Do some cops like to shoot dogs?

Fisticuffs in the courthouse between attorneys? (And more!); And would the Ninth Circuit call bare hands “weapons?

A judge issues a verdict: Dr. Phil is a charlatan;

Congrats to John Day (Day on Torts);

The ABA Journal profiles tort “reformer” Ted Frank, who I sometimes butt heads with and who also happens to be my lawyer;

If you read this far, a bonus! George Bush and Bill Clinton are shaking hands in Haiti. And Bush decides he didn’t like someone’s shake. So he wipes his hand on Clinton’s shirt. I swear I didn’t make this up.

Lance Godard has Blawg Review#257, in which he profiles 22 posts and asks 22 questions.

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