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March 4th, 2010


Lots of stuff I wanted to write about, if I only had the time…

Slackoisie has disappeared. Now what are we going to call “a generation of entitled narcissists?” And why doesn’t my spellchecker recognize the word?

The idea of “health courts” pops up in the context of the health care bill, and the folks at The Pop Tort don’t have anything good to say about them. And there’s a good reason. While the details of such experimental courts haven’t formed, it’s worth noting that New York had a form of such courts (a screening panel) for several years that was a miserable failure;

And while you’re perusing The Pop Tort site, you might as well watch Senator Richard Durbin knock the ball out of the park on the issue of medical malpractice “reform;”

Why is Allstate sometimes referred to as AllSnake? Ask Trey Mills, and he’ll tell you that the good hands people aren’t so good. “I have decided to fight Allstate regardless of the time, resources, and value on the claim;”

I’ve written before about the Graves Amendment that confers immunity to the owners of cars and trucks that are rented or leased. Roy Mura now has an update with some cases where the lessors may still be liable;

What are the damages if you get a bogus take down message for your blog? Let’s just say that legal fees are a big issue; And on the subject of blogs, who owns your content?

Trial lawyers are always cross-examining people who are smarter in certain fields. Orin Kerr shows one way not to do it;

More trial lawyering: Reptile advocacy gets admitted into court. Both Mark Bennett and Max Kennerly on the issue;

Carolyn Elefant, Queen of the legal start-up field, does a roundup of the Solo Blogosphere;

Quotable: “The Republican party is a wholly owned subsidiary of an insurance industry.” Yowza.

Batman takes on Superman. Guess who wins?

When Dick Cheney was hospitalized for his heart attack, President Obama called to wish him well. Here is the transcript. Would I steer you wrong?

And Blawg Review # 253 comes up out of South Florida Lawyers while some folks dig out from up to 7 feet of snow.

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