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August 7th, 2009


In the wake of the 68-31 vote confirming Judge Sotomayor, Prof. Michael Dorf does a quick review of the prior votes going back to 1975 and how things have changed;

Last week a New York woman was ticketed for breastfeeding in her car. So this week state senator Liz Krueger has organized a Breastfeeding Mothers’ Subway Caravan.

Ron Miller rounds up some personal injury posts;

A 101 year old lawyer, who says the key to longevity is “not dying;”

Where does a 500 pound man hide a gun he is trying to smuggle into a jail?

Sui Generis with a weekly New York Legal News Round Up;

TortsProf with this week’s Personal Injury Round-Up, which they have now been doing for over one year;

And Scott Greenfield pinch hits at Blawg Review for a reviewer that when AWOL. Seems some lawyer marketing type signed up to do the review but then didn’t do the actual work. Greenfield isn’t happy. Or surprised. It’s a good thing he’s good at venting. And in a two-fer, the anonymous Editor of Blawg Review does a part two of Blawg Review.

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