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July 31st, 2009


Another tort “reform” champion brings his own medical malpractice suit. And loses at trial. I wonder how many of his jurors had been prejudiced by all that nonsense about frivolous lawsuits that his favorite group has been peddling?

A blogger threatens a Crocs rep that, if he doesn’t cough up free shoes for her, she’ll write something bad about the company on her blog;

The Associated Press claims that using their headlines and a link to their articles requires a licensing agreement. In response, Scott Greenfield tells the AP to go suck eggs.

The Horizon Realty Group of Chicago did a bad thing. They sued a Twitter user with 20 followers for writing:

Who said sleeping in a moldy apartment is bad for you? Horizon realty thinks its okay.

Why did they sue the Twitterer? Because, as their spokesman says, “We’re a sue first, ask questions later kind of an organization.” This makes them (rightfully) this week’s laughingstock of the web, despite their later attempt at damage control;

One defense lawyer tries to claim that while the number of class actions suits have dropped, the plaintiffs’ lawyers haven’t gone away, premising his argument on this comment (via PofL):

Let’s be honest — fish gotta swim, birds gotta fly, and plaintiffs’ lawyers make their living filing lawsuits.

OK, send him back to law school. Plaintiff’s lawyers don’t make their living by filing suits. They only get paid for winning suits. Simply filing suits is the path to their own bankruptcy.

Pennsylvania wants to hire attorneys on contingency to bring drug legislation. But objections come up, as some folks think the state should be forced instead to run the billable hour meter.

Dr. Wes shows the importance of examining not only the patient, but what the patient brings with him to the exam room.

Does a Michael Jackson wrongful death suit have value, even if the issue of negligence can be proved? Hans Pope investigates;

Bill Childs has extensive Personal Injury Law Round-Up at TortsProf. My heartfelt condolences for his loss; and

Blawg Review #222 is up at the IP Think Tank.

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