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July 24th, 2009


How much is the life of a mother worth? Michigan Supreme Court Justice Robert Young said zippo. Nada. Bupkus. And this is the reason.

A spammer gets e-shamed out of a job by a blogger;

Torture lawyer John Yoo, who is teaching at Stanford and degrading its reputation, had a special, unannounced, visitor to his class. He wasn’t pleased. And yes, it was videotaped.

Some folks have a good sense of humor about warning labels;

Since my kid got hurt at school, I can sue, right?

I submit a brief that I slaved over, and Westlaw and Lexis can use it for their personal profit? Is that right? (Volokh; Greenfield)

Flori-duh town outlaws fun:

Now, to be fair to the Clearwater City Council, since they passed this badminton-related deaths have dropped dramatically.

And TortsProf with the weekly Personal Injury Law Round-Up.

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