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May 23rd, 2009

Scott Greenfield Gets A Nastygram

A former cop named Jim Donahue stupidly decided he would send a take down demand to criminal defense lawyer Scott Greenfield of Simple Justice fame. If there is a contest out there for dumb mistakes, Donahue will take the gold. And Greenfield will take the platinum for his response.

It seems Donahue wasn’t too happy that other cops treated him as a mere civilian, instead of giving him preferential treatment. Those other cops should have known he was a cop, he whined at, since:

I am wearing my only sweatshirt, which has a breast emblem from my previous department in Michigan. I just got my “high & tight” haircut tuned up yesterday. It would not be a great leap of faith to think that I may be a retired cop, a current cop, or minimally, related to law enforcement based upon my appearance and demeanor.

So Greenfield wrote the story up last December, using his picture that you also see here to show the unmistakable awesomeness of the “high and tight.” And Donahue then made the grave mistake of “insisting” that Greenfield surrender his First Amendment rights to him and take down the picture: Greenfield’s response? He deservedly chewed up Donahue and spit him out. You’ll have to go to his site and read Drop the Photo or I’ll Shoot for the rest, but here’s a taste:

You put your appearance in issue, and I used your photograph to make the point. Don’t like having it on a scummy criminal defense lawyer blawg like this? Bummer. Be a man and take it, you wussie with your “high and tight” hairdo. You were tough enough to call out other cops for not treating you with the respect due a fellow officer, but not tough enough to bear having your image shown to the public you pretend to serve and protect? Exactly.

No one will ever accuse Greenfield of equivocating in his response, telling said former cop to “bite me.” And that was the most polite part of his stomping of Donahue, who no doubt is used to people following his orders. Donahue also has probably never had anyone call him a “big-mouthed blowhard” that is also “an ignorant, hypocritical poster boy for people who are undeserving of a shield and gun.”

The post is an instant classic.

Winner: Greenfield by knockout in the first round.
Lesson: Don’t mess with Greenfield. Even if you do sport a “high and tight” hairdo.

Update: Donahue may not be a former cop after all.

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