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April 16th, 2009

Linkworthy (Boston Marathon, BoBama, Eliot Spitzer, Sex and More!)

I’m heading up to Boston this weekend for the marathon, but I will run it only once, not four times. And, alas, writing this humble little blog didn’t qualify me as one of the 11 celebrity runners that have run marathons. The short list includes my good buddy Oprah, as well as George W. Bush and Sarah Palin. But for some reason Al Gore didn’t make the short list, so I guess I’m in good company.

For those that want to follow particular runners to track their progress — especially helpful if you are on the sidelines wondering if your runner is ahead/behind pace or can’t wait for the post-race email or phone call — you can have status updates sent directly to your email or phone during the race, because each runner has a radio frequency chip on his/her sneaker. My super-secret strategy, in case you were wondering, is this:

  1. Finish; and
  2. Have a good time.

And now I leave you with these links:

Scott Greenfield decided to read Eliot Spitzer’s article at Slate, where Spitzer chided conservative Seventh circuit Judge Richard Posner on a dissent he wrote. Spitzer claimed Posner did an about-face on his conservative principles (Posner Wrote What?). Except that Greenfield says the eagle-eyed Spitzer completely mis-read the opinion. Greenfield writes:

One would think that former ADA, former Attorney General, former Governor, Eliot Spitzer could read a short dissent with sufficient care to figure out which side was which before going public in an attempt to take on a circuit judge in a battle of wits.

John Day on 28 “Never Events” in medicine;

The Legal Satryicon knows that sex with clients is a big no-no in the U.S., but apparently not in England. Just don’t bill for it. From the TimesOnline:

“Lawyers are sometimes criticised for screwing clients with unwarranted fees. In a case in London, a client has alleged a rather direct version of that, saying her lawyer charged for having sex with her.” (Hat tip, Kevin O’Keefe)

Andy Hoffman responds at the Daily Kos to lawyer Philip K. Howard’s “Life Without Lawyers,”

First Puppy Bo Obama (Bobama or BoBama?) gives some unemployment tips: Bo Beats The Odds: How the First Pooch Secured One of the Most High-Profile Jobs In Washington; Let’s hope he doesn’t run into the problems that prior First Pooch Barney experienced, which he described to me last year in an interview;

Kevin Underhill reports that Nadya Suleman, also known as the “Octomom,” wants to trademark that auspicious title, since the single, unemployed, mother of 14 is unlikely to snag “America’s Sweetheart” (and duking it out with Courtney Love could get ugly);

Gerry Oginiski wants to know, is that a malpractice lawyer in the operating room???

Law21 brings you Blawg Review #207: All the News That Fits, in the style of the dying dead-tree edition; and

TortsProf has last week’s Personal Injury Law Round-Up, as well as this week’s.

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