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February 16th, 2009


Blawg Review #199 is up at Mark Bennett’s criminal law blog Defending People, and he does a great round-up based on the week in review, both this week and in history;

Bennett follows last week’s Blawg Review #198 at The East Central Illinois Criminal Law & DUI Weblog (and I thought my blog name was long) where Jeremy Richey takes on the Seven Deadly Sins;

The Blawg Review editor worries that Twitter will kill off Blawg Review, as people send tweets (or twits) instead of using their blogs for a little link love;

All the week’s news in personal injury law is at TortsProf;

Why does Nordstrom suck? Because they tried to crush a tiny business based on a trademark dispute, where the tiny business filed first (under the name Beckons, for some clothing) and the PTO screwed up and gave Nordstom’s a similar mark (for Beckon). Then, after getting clobbered in the blawgosphere (and Bennett tried to give some helpful advice) they “relented” by trying to give a crumb to the tiny business and keeping 99.9% for itself. Here’s what they should have done, according to Scott Greenfield, and that is why Nordstrom sucks.

And the Michael Phelps witch hunt proves that Richland County, South Carolina doesn’t need any of that federal money being doled out. They clearly have cash to burn, since they just arrested eight people on marijuana charges allegedly associated with the now-famous bong photo of Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps. If that is how they spend taxpayer money down there, then please don’t send any of mine that way.

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