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January 16th, 2009


We have a new blog in town, John Hochfelder’s New York Injury Cases Blog. John clearly understands the first errors so many personal injury bloggers make; he doesn’t treat his blog as an island unto itself to be used solely for self-promotion, and is joining the blawgospheric conversation. He’ll be digging into the meat of those big verdicts you sometimes hear about, and will let us know what they really mean;

A Phoenix rises in Blawg Review # 194 with Susan Cartier Liebel at her Build a Solo Practice;

Anne Reed let’s us know at Deliberations how Clarence Darrow picked juries. Some things are timeless:

Every knowing lawyer seeks for a jury of the same sort of men as his client; men who will be able to imagine themselves in the same situation and realize what verdict the client wants

…but his stereotypes of Irishmen, Englishmen, Germans, Jews and others needs to be seen to be believed;

“Tomorrow at midnight, New York will joins the ranks of other jurisdictions in which liability insurers must prove prejudice from delayed reporting of liability claims.” Roy Mura at Coverage Counsel has the details;

Ron Miller takes an historical look at the efficiency of the justice system; he starts with a Time Magazine article from 45 years ago that seems to have some familiar complaints;

And TortsProf has their 21st edition of the Personal Injury Law Round-Up.

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