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January 27th, 2009

Blawg Review of the Year Nominations – 4 Days Left

While the 2008 web awards in so many categories are now history, there is one left: 2008 Blawg Review of the Year. A full list of the reviews from last year is available at that link, with a snippet of information on each to jog the memory.

For those who love Blawg Review, that weekly round-up of the week’s legal blogging, there are only 4 days left to nominate a review for best of the year for 2008. Nominations will be accepted until 11:59 PM on January 31st.

Who can nominate? According to the anonymous editor of the review, who is closely keeping tabs on the ballots:

Every blog that has ever hosted Blawg Review, or is scheduled to host an upcoming issue of Blawg Review, is entitled to post its nominations of as many of the qualified issues of Blawg Review (other than one’s own) as it wishes to acknowledge for consideration for recognition as Blawg Review of the Year 2008.

I posted my own list of the 11 best reviews of the year, nominating three of them for the award, based on the manner in which stories were told, since framing a story properly is a healthy part of what lawyers do.

So if you’ve done a review or plan to do one, the time is running out to put up your nominations. But wait, there’s more! If you nominate by midnight tonight, the editor will waive the shipping and handling of the nominations, and quite possibly, toss in a pocket fisherman, set of Ginsu knives and salad spinner.

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